Hello to all, English readers-learners,

the time has come to enjoy the FINAL chapter of our online book YOU ARE NOT THAT ALONE, Chapter XIV. This chapter is divided into 2 parts and we hope you will enjoy them as much we did. 🙂

Who was the strange man standing outside the Henry and Luna´s cabin? Was Luna worried or mad at Henry? Did Tonka recognize Henry?

A strange man stood outside the door, propping someone up with a bandaged forehead and a bandaged nose. Luna couldn’t see his face because he had it lowered towards the ground. “We haven’t met yet, I’m Tommy.” Luna stood in the doorway with her mouth open and shook Tommy’s hand in confusion. “Nice to meet you, Luna.” “Do you think I could come in?” “No, I don’t even know you and in a minute…“ “Luna, don’t be mad at me but I would quite appreciate it if I could sit down, I’m not feeling well.” “Henry? What the hell happened to you?” Luna asked him angrily. Tonka ran around Luna and started rubbing against his leg “I know I look terrible.” “Can you explain what the hell happened to you?” “A little accident at work.” “A little? What does it look like then when something serious happens?” “Well, the first time I met Henry he was walking at night with a broken…” Tommy started to tell the story, Henry turned to him and slowly said. “Do you think you could shut up? I’m hungry, help me to the table.” “As you wish, my dear wretch,” Tommy walked in and helped Henry sit down at the table, Tonka immediately ran over to Henry and jumped onto his lap. “Wotcher, I know I smell like bloody steak but don’t eat me.” Tonka grinned and snuggled on Henry’s legs. Luna was still standing next to the door with a confused expression on her face. She closed the door and sat down at the table. “What is it? You were cooking?” Henry pointed to the pot. “Uh, yeah. But I don’t know if you deserve it.” “Oh, come on.” “Anyway, I think I should get going,” Tommy rose from his chair, ready to leave. Luna quickly blocked his path. “Hey, you’re not going anywhere until someone explains to me what happened to him,” Luna said, nodding her head in Henry’s direction. Tommy looked at Henry with a questioning look in his eyes. Henry just smiled and offered Tom a seat at the table. “Bloody hell, you can’t tell her yourself?” “She wouldn’t believe me.” “Hey, I´m right here!” Luna objected. She heated the food up and sat back down at the table. “So, is someone actually gonna start explaining?” Luna asked and looked at them. “Okay. Where should I start?” Tommy asked. “Like how you two know each other? That would be nice for a start…”

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