Zdar Vrtáci,

je úterý jako stvořený pro čtení. 😀

What does Henry value the most about himself? And what his dad used to tell him?


He went inside and prepared some things. He needed to prepare food. He decided to make some garlic soup. He started to cook, but he wasn’t himself. Luna was acting strange. She was always nice when she emailed him. But not now, she was just acting differently.

If I was rude, I’m sure she would tell me. I hope so. Bloody hell!

Henry wasn’t very good with people, but he always prided himself on his honesty. If he didn’t like something, he was straightforward. He never cared for the way he looked like in front of other people. He cared about the way a person behaved. If someone acted like an idiot, they were just an idiot. Sometimes it scared some new people around him off, but he couldn’t stand it. When Henry was little, his daddy told him

“Remember, it never matters how someone looks like or how they dress, but it always matters what somebody’s like in here,”

while his dad was pointing his finger at his chest. Every time someone laughed at him or insulted him for having only few friends, he remembered his daddy’s words. It didn’t matter how many friends Henry had, but what kind.

Anyway, I hope she’ll like it. He thought to himself and put the soup on the fire to boil. He moved over to Tonka and carefully removed her bandage. “Hey buddy. How you doing?” Tonka didn’t move, she just opened one eyelid boringly and watched him for a moment. “Looks like it’s healing.” Suddenly Tonka lifted her head, sniffed Henry’s palm, and began licking it. “Would you like a piece of smoked meat? All right, but just a small piece.”

to be continued…

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