Dear all lovely people,

the time has come to say farewell to our heros – Henry, Luna and Tonka. This part is the last part of our last chapter. It´s been an incredible journey and I am sure you will all agree that it has been a lot of fun and joy to be a part of their story (which I am sure will continue at some point.)

Tonka, Luna and Henry,

we all wish you the best of luck in your future.

See ya all again at some point. 🙂

Tommy answered her questions while Luna was serving them the food. “I didn’t know you could cook,” Henry said as he finished eating. “Hey, it wasn’t that hard. I just followed the recipe.” “It was good. But I should really go now,” Tommy said as he looked at his mobile phone. “Damn, how can you live here!? There’s not even phone signal.” “Well, first of all I don’t have a mobile phone and secondly, there’s a signal when it’s not storming.” “Mum’s gonna kill me.” “Wait, didn’t you say you have already moved out?” “Yeah, I moved out. But I still go to visit her. Maybe you could …” Tommy suddenly stopped and realized what he said. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. S***! I’m really sorry. I didn’t get much sleep today and then…” “It’s okay, I get it. You don’t have to apologize for it,” Henry answered him with self-denial but showed no sign of it. He knew Tommy hadn’t said it on purpose, but it still hurt. Tommy stood still for a moment. “Right, going! Have a good time both of you. It was nice to meet you, Luna. Henry, don’t rush back to work. I’ll get a temporary replacement for you.” “Bye.”

Luna and Henry replied in unison. Henry sat at the table while looking into the fire and scratching Tonka behind her ear. Luna was holding a mug in her hands and looking at Henry. “Hey, are you okay?” Luna couldn’t stand to sit quietly anymore. “Yeah, I was just overthinking.” “Can I help you with something?” “Yeah, there’s a bottle of gin on the cabinet over there. Do you think you could hand it to me?” Henry pointed to the cabinet above the kitchen counter and made pleading eyes. Luna smiled and handed him the bottle and two glasses. “What? you didn’t get enough the last time?” Luna looked at him with a bored expression on her face. Henry didn’t say anything. He smiled and poured them some gin. Luna took the glass, took a sip, and thought for a moment. “You probably shouldn’t drink after a head injury.” Henry drained his glass and set it on the table. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” He said then got up and walked over to get Walkman and sat in the chair and played some music. He listened to the music while looking into the fire. Luna took the book and continued reading. Occasionally, she got up to add some more wood into the fire. After about an hour she noticed that Henry had fallen asleep, Tonka that was sitting on Henry’s lap was asleep as well. They both looked so peaceful that she was sorry to wake them up. She carefully picked Tonka up and placed her on the blanket that was at the foot of the bed. She gently woke Henry up as well. “Come on, you’re going to bed.” Henry was sleepy and didn’t feel like it. Slowly he got up groggily and headed for the bed. Suddenly Henry lost his balance and fell onto the bed. Luna was supporting him and fell right on top of him. “Henry, come on. At least take your shoes off.” “Bah. I don’t really care.” “Well, then….” Luna untied his shoes and lifted his feet onto the bed. She pulled the blanket over him and settled down on the floor. Damn, this is really uncomfortable. How can Henry stand it? She just lay there for a while, thinking, and then fell asleep.

* The beginning *

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