Krásné úterý, Vrtáci,

pokračujme v našem „lesním“ story.

Can foxes laugh? Why did Henry sleep outside? And does Luna snore?

Luna looked offended, but Henry knew very well she was just playing. He cut the apple and walked over to Luna. “Here you are.” “Thanks. Could you light the fire? I looked at the forecast and it’s supposed to be cold tonight. And it wasn’t too warm last night either.” “At least you slept in bed,” he looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Luna looked guilty as she was eating her apple. With her mouth still full, she started talking to him. “No one forced you to sleep outside.” “Oh, come on. You are always snoring when you’re drunk.” “Take that back.” “If Tonka could talk, she’d confirm it. Isn’t that right, Tonka?” Tonka looked at Henry, then at Luna, then back at Henry. She started laughing. Luna just looked at Tonka all confused. “That fox can laugh?” Henry started laughing too. “Yes, foxes can laugh.” Henry went to get some wood and started a fire. Meanwhile, Luna finished eating. “Hey, could you pass me some books?” “Sure. What is it supposed to be?” “I’ll leave that up to you.” “Okay.” He took a book off the shelf and handed it to Luna. “Here you go.” “Harry Potter?” “Don’t you like it? Maybe, I can pass you a herbarium.” “Harry Potter will do just fine.” “Anyway, I’m going to wash and then go to bed. Do you have anything against it?” Henry sarcastically playfully noted. “Nope, just please get me some water.” “Okay.” After a while, he came and handed her a bottle of water. Luna got changed in the meantime. It was only about seven thirty in the evening, but Henry was really exhausted.

to be continued…

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