Krásné úterý Vrtáci,

Tuesday is reserved for? You guessed it right! LIFE IN THE WOODS. Let´s dive in it, shall we? 🙂

Is Luna the only one who´s got the woolen sweater? And what do you think is the best show one can watch?

„Every good deed must be deservedly punished.”

He remembered his father always saying that when something bad happened to him. Now all he had to do was to find the bloody bowl and his glasses.

„Okay, I have the glasses. But where is the stupid bowl? Oh, here it is.“

He scooped water into the bowl and made his way back. When he entered the cabin, he heard water dripping from his jacket onto the floor. He wiped himself with a towel and took some dry clothes from his closet. As he pulled out his T-shirt, a sweater fell out on him, a very similar woolen sweater like Luna had. He didn’t wear it much because he didn’t want it to get ruined. He grabbed a blanket, the wet clothes and went out. He threw some wood into the fire and put his wet clothes on wooden sticks close by the fire.

As he lay down on the bench and started falling asleep, he saw the best show. Sky full of stars.

to be continued…

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