Krásné úterý, Vrtáci,

dnes je den „značka ideál“ pro čtení.


get yourself a nice snack

take a blanket, have a nap

and enjoy the reading below, once awake!

Does Tonka really understand what Henry and Luna say? What happened to Luna when she was younger?


„Hey, what´s wrong with that?“ Henry asked.

„A fox is a wild animal,“ Luna replied.

„Well, maybe it is, but this one is different. She seems to understand what I am saying. “

He looked at Tonka and saw that she was smiling.

„Look, what do you have in that pipe, Henry? The fox can’t understand you,“ Luna said reproachfully.

„Come on, I’ve never smoked **** unlike somebody else, have I?“ He puffed heavily at his pipe and smiled.

„Come on. It was only once,“ Luna said. „Well, that was enough. There wasn’t an elevator in your house, and I had to drag you to the 7th floor. And then when your dad opened the door, you said to him:

Hi Georgie, what´s up? You act like you’ve never seen your own daughter.

And when I let go of you, you almost didn’t pass through the door. And your dad’s expression? He looked at me as a killer. And when I wanted to leave, he pulled me inside, supposedly for a „chat“. A really great discussion about what the hell I did to you. As if I was to blame,” Henry shrugged his shoulders. „Hey, will you be reminding me of it for a long time?” Henry pretended he didn´t hear Luna and continued. „You didn’t give me any choice while you were hugging the bucket. Your dad almost interrogated me, damn it. He drew a rifle on me.“ „You knew it wasn’t working and after a while I came.“ „A moment? It was bloody 90 minutes,“ Henry protested. „You laughed at it anyway,“ Luna said.

„Trust me, I didn’t find it very funny at the time.“ Henry was smoking while they were talking. „Come on, get on and let’s go.“

They put the accordion and backpack in the sidecar and Tonka sat on the saddle. 

Henry and Luna sat on the motorbike. It was a little after 2 pm, a beautiful autumn sunny afternoon.

to be continued…

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