Because it´s raining, I´ll go for Tuesday reading.

~ unknown ~

Why didn´t Henry pay at the vet? What did he see in the pawshop window that made him dismount his motorbike?



“Hey, she’s not wild anymore. I think I’ll keep her. I hope. Thank you very much. You helped me, again. What do I owe you?”

“I’ve told you several times that you don´t pay here. Thanks to you, me and Alice are a couple.”

“You are twisting it around again. I was driving and got lost. I saw her hitchhiking, gave her a lift and then we stopped at the pub where she met you.”

“Yeah, but if you didn’t get lost, she’d never get there. You’ll just never pay here at the veterinary. Deal with it.”

“Good, good. But sometimes we’ll go for a beer. Deal?” “Deal.” “So, can I take her now?” “On Wednesday, bring her for a check-up and put this in her food. She has to rest a lot, so no running through the woods.” Frank said, handing him a box of pills. “Come on, you know me,” Henry replied. „Well, just that I know you very well,“ Frank said as he laughed. “Shut up,” Henry said as he tried not to laugh.

“Should I throw away the rag in which you brought her?” “You’ll call my blanket a rag one more time and the beer is off the table.” „I give up,“ Frank said, putting his hands in the air.

„Have a nice day, thanks for the help,“ Henry said.

He wrapped her in a blanket and carried her towards his motorcycle. He carefully put her in the side car and mounted the motorcycle. He was about to start the engine when he looked through the shop window of a small pawnshop.

„Is it possible? No. I don’t think so,” he dismounted and ran across the street. „Sh**. That’s it, but how come it’s here?“

to be continued…

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