Lovely Tuesday to all of you, Vrtáci,

let´s kick off with CHAPTER VIII. PART I. of our online reading, shall we? 🙂

What was Henry´s morning like when he woke up after drinking the bottle of Gin the previous night? 😀 You can only guess…

He slept pretty well but woke up a few times. Once he was awake, he put wood on the fire. It was about 5 am. when he gave up on trying to go back to sleep. His clothes were almost dry, only his boots were little wet. He put on his jacket, it was a simple green wool jacket, it was old and worn out, but it was the first thing he bought when he came to England. He took an empty bottle. He walked to the spring and very carefully scooped water and drank it. It was very refreshing. On the way back he picked a few physalises and some sea buckthorn. The sea buckthorn woke him up properly, it was terribly sour, but he liked it. The physalises were beautifully sweet. Early birds started chirping. He sat on the bench and listened to them singing. As the sun was rising, he was sunbathing. He filled his pipe with tobacco and lit it. He was in the mood for having a coffee but didn’t want to wake Luna up. He knew very well that if he woke her very early, he would be a dead man. He finished smoking his pipe. He was just sitting on the bench for a while. He decided to go for a run. He was used to going barefoot. It was very pleasant. He came to a clearing about two miles away from his cabin. He came to the edge and looked around. Suddenly he saw a young deer. His beautiful smooth fur was glistening in the sunshine. The deer was eating a clump of grass, not paying any attention to his surroundings. All of a sudden, it smelt something. It raised his head and looked around. It looked straight into Henry’s eyes. The deer turned away and ran into the bushes. Henry loved these random moments of connection with nature.

He just walked back looking around at nature. When he came back, his clothes and boots were dry. He lay down on the bench and rested. He didn’t know if Luna was awake yet and he really didn’t want to wake her up.

to be continued

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