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What happened to Luna? And did Henry help her?

About an hour later of hard manual work, Henry heard a scream. It came from Luna´s direction. “Hey, what’s going on?” Henry asked. “Please, come over here. Hurry.”  I hope it’s nothing serious.  

He leant the splitting maul against a stump and walked faster in her direction. Suddenly he saw Luna lying on the ground. “Did you slip?” “No, the ground rose sharply.” “Okay.” “Will you help me up? I think I did something to my ankle.” “You’re kidding, right?” “Do I look like it?” “Take your shoe off,” Henry told Luna. “You know, I don’t think it’s that bad,” Luna said. Yeah, hero. Henry thought to himself and gave her a hand. “Then get up.” She grabbed his hand and stood up. She let go of his hand and stomped on his left foot. She was immediately back on the ground again. “So, will you take your shoe off so I can take a look?” “Yes, Sir,” Luna said sarcastically and took off her shoe. “The sock too.” “Sure.” She knew he was right.

He had been interested in medicine since he was a teenager. Henry squatted down and took her ankle in his hands. As soon as he touched her ankle, it felt warm and it was already beginning to swell. Luna hissed in pain. “Well, we’ll see how it goes from now. Can you make it to the stream?” “I don’t think so,” Luna said and looked at him with sad puppy eyes. “Ok,” he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the stream. “Put your foot in the water, Istill have work to do so you’ll have to wait.” “For how long? Am I just supposed to sit here and wait?” “About an hour or more,” Henry said, straightening up and going back to work. “Hey, what am I supposed to do here?” Henry pulled a whistle out of his pocket and tossed it to Luna.  The man is a joker.  Luna thought to herself.

to be continued…

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