Zdarec Vrtáci,

welcome to the final chapter before you shoot off to your holiday vibe. 🙂

Did the soup Henry made help Luna? Is Henry even employed? And what does Henry do with the special tools for carving?

He cut off a slice about centimetre wide and handed it to her. He couldn’t help but smile as she was eating. It was nice to see someone enjoying it so much. I hope Luna will like the soup too. In the meantime, he sat down in his chair and read his favourite book.

Luna was sitting outside and drinking tea. Damn, the bastard was right. It really helps. She decided to take a better look around the cabin. There was wood stacked along the northern wall of the hut. There was a shed behind the hut, similar to a garage. The door was open, so she went inside. There was a motorcycle parked on the left and on the right side there was a carpenter bench. There were lots of carving tools along the right wall. There were jack planes, drawknives, gouges, axes and a splitting maul. There were also some things carved out of wood. Mostly they were simple things like some kitchen utensils or simple toys but there was also a rather complex picture made of different types of wood. There were a lot of wood shavings and sawdust everywhere.

There was a garden with some fruit trees behind the hut. She knew some of the plants but not most of them. She walked around the whole cottage and went inside.

“Knock, knock. I was just wondering if the soup is ready yet. By the way, thanks for the tea. It helped a lot.” “You’re welcome. Yeah, the soup’s ready.” Henry got up and took the soup off the fire. “Thanks, I’ll eat it outside. You want some?” “No thanks. I already ate.” “Okay. Hey, where are you employed?” Luna asked Henry. “I’m employed by the forest service and sell occasionally some wooden things.”

“And the wooden picture?”

“It’s for a friend, but it´s half finished still. Why are you asking?” “There are some interesting pieces of wood in there, they have beautiful patterns.” “Yeah, they’re tumours.” “Tumours? Like trees can have cancer?”

“Yes, they can. Don’t say you didn’t know about it.” “Actually, no.”

“Oh, by the way bon appetit.”

„Thanks, could you take me into the town tomorrow? I need to buy some stuff.“ „Sure, I must take Tonka to the vet anyway.“ „Okay.“

to be continued the next school year…

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