Vítáme vás, Vrtáci, zpátky ve škole po Easter holidays 🙂

Není čas ztrácet čas. Pokračujme svižně s již známou e-book, YOU ARE NOT THAT ALONE.

How did the cabin look from the inside? Is there any electricity? Why did Luna look defeated?

When she came into the cabin, she couldn’t help but smile . It looked very comfortable and homely. There was a countertop and a larder. There was a window on the right wall, next to the window on the right side there was a cupboard filled with jars with dried herbs. There was a stone fireplace in the corner. There was a pine wardrobe on the left side, a hutch filled with books and a small chest of drawers. There was a triangle bookshelf standing in the corner. There was a window too on the front wall and there was another chest of drawers under the window. The cabin had a gabled roof. There were lots of herbs drying under the roof. There was a round table with two chairs and one comfy armchair in the middle of the room. All the furniture was old, massive and heavily worn out. But it was amazing.

“Oh god..”

“As I said, it’s not much but…..” “No, I wanted to say it’s amazing. I feel very comfy here.” “I’m glad you like it.” Then she looked at the wall and saw a kerosene lamp.

“Wait, you don’t have electricity here?”

“No, I don’t have a water tap here either.” “You’re kidding. Where do you charge your laptop?” “I don’t have a laptop.” “A smartphone?” “I don’t have a smartphone either.” “Where do you bathe and take water to wash the dishes?” „Well, there’s a stream of clear water not far from here.“ “You’re kidding.”

“Pff, townie.”

“So, can you go and get some water? I want to have a bath and change my clothes. I need to get changed. “Ok, I’ll go and get the bathtub ready. You can light a fire in the meantime.” “Yup.” When he returned she looked defeated. He had to smile. She was sitting in front of a fireplace, all dirty with soot.

See ya then.

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