Ahojte Vrtáci,

přinášíme vám naše-vaše-a-především-autorova (který zůstane utajen) pravidelné úterní počteníčko.

Did Henry make it to the veterinary clinic on time and did he manage to save the fox?

Enjoy. 🙂


To the nearest town it was about 10 miles. When he arrived at the veterinary clinic, he braked sharply. He quickly jumped off the motorcycle and took the fox in his arms. He rushed inside. The nurse looked at him with concern. “Call Frank!”, he almost shouted at her. Maybe it was because she was scared and so she obeyed.

“What’s going on?”, Frank asked calmly.

“Please, help her,” said Henry and looked at him sadly.

“Well. Follow me. Here, put her down here.” Frank said. “Please help her. I found her in the woodland. She’s got some wound on her leg. It didn’t look like a big problem, so I didn’t want to bother you“, he almost cried when he told it to him that. “Calm down and sit in the waiting room, ok? When I am done, I’ll send Alice for you. Understood?” “O-Okay.”

He ran outside and parked his motorcycle. When he returned, he just sat down and waited quietly. The feeling of helplessness was crazy. Nerve-wracking. It was… devastating. He already lost the ones he cared about. I don’t want to lose someone else.

“BLOODY HELL!”, he shouted.

No, I don’t want to add another drop to the already overfilled cup. Please, God no. Tears ran down his face. He looked like a pile of misfortune. Time ran slowly, sometimes may have even stopped. Seconds accumulated slowly, turning into minutes and those into hours. I’ll call her Tonka. Those were the longest two hours of his life. He was only sitting in the waiting room and thinking. “Henry, hey Henry. Come on.” He didn’t notice Alice until she shook his shoulder. It was obvious that he was absent-minded.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?”,

he asked her, very confused.

“You can go to see her,” Alice said. He said nothing but a feeling of relief was seen in his eyes. “Frank, will Tonka be okay?”, he asked, very frightened as he gently scratched her neck. “So, Tonka? I thought you said she was wild. Anyway, I think she’ll be alright. But she’ll have to rest a lot. I did the best I could.

It’s up to her now…“

to be continued…

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