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the weather couldn´t be better to get some enjoyable reading done. You know the drill – a blanket, a warm cup of whatever you fancy, a nice spot with light and you are all set and ready.

Is Luna handy about the cabin? Can Luna cook? And what was dripping down Henry´s forehead?

Luna woke up at about 9:00. Henry wasn’t home, so she just lounged on the bed for a while. Her ankle still hurt a little, but it wasn’t too bad. After a while, she noticed a note on the table. She got out of bed and walked over to the table. She read the note and smiled. I should get something for breakfast. She walked over to the food cupboard and pulled out some bread, butter and ham. Henry brought water so she could make herself a coffee. She gave some ham and an apple to Tonka and sat down at the table. She picked up a book and read for a while. She was a little cold, so she decided to light a fire after breakfast. „Maybe I could cook something for lunch. I’m sure Henry will be hungry when he gets home from work. I’ll have to see if he’s got any kind of cookbook here,” Luna thought, looking out of the window. It was cloudy outside, the wind was picking up and moving the trees from side to side. After breakfast she went to get some wood and after about a quarter of an hour, she managed to light a fire. “Damn, I’m really bad at this.”  She put on some songs on her phone and looked at all the ingredients Henry had there. Then she moved to the bookshelf and looked for a cookbook. She finally found one. It was an old book and when she opened it, a few pages fell out. She sat down at the table and began to look through it. “Hm… This doesn’t look that complicated. I hope I can do it,” Luna wasn’t much of a chef. Even though her mother was an excellent cook, she was never very good at it. She was more of a daddy’s girl, to be honest, and a little clumsy. A little more than that.

“Good morning, lads. I’m Henry and this is Tom.” “I’m James and this is Dave.” They shook hands. “Well, actually, not very good,” James said and yawned. “Busy night?” Tom asked. “Don’t even tell me, I was supposed to be off today but the boss called all the people to work.” “Have you been waiting long for us?” “About ten minutes. We were held up at the substation,” Dave replied, taking a long sip from his thermal mug. “Okay, let’s get to work,” Henry replied. “Hey, you guys don’t have to be in a hurry,” James replied quickly. “I slept about three hours.” Henry and Tom looked at each other. “Don’t worry, it won’t be that fast so feel free to take a nap, just take the car somewhere else. I guess we’ll have to put this little guy down over there,” Tom said and tapped the tree that had a broken tip, despite that it was about 9 feet tall. “Okay,” James replied and went to park his car somewhere else. “Let’s do this,” Tom said and they got to work.

By about 3:00 p.m. they finally managed to clear all the fallen trees out that had fallen over the power lines. They said goodbye to James and David and continued to the next fallen trees. Slowly but surely the autumn wind was picking up and there was a smell of a storm in the air, but they still had work to do.

“S***.” “Hey, what’s up?” Tom shouted. “Come here, quickly. I think something fell on my head.” Henry felt something warm running down his forehead.

to be continued…

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