Zdravíme všechny readers,

doufáme, že se máte fajn a odpočinkově, aby jste si o to více užili pokračování Chapter X., Part II. 🙂

What is Luna gonna do with the axe she got from Henry? And why did she choose it over her laptop? To look though? 😀

Keep on reading and you´ll find out.

When they arrived at the clearing, Luna settled herself on a piece of mattress and pulled out her laptop. Henry went to refill his bottle and snacked, then got to work. There were stumps that needed to be split. It was quite physically demanding work but he enjoyed it. He was able to clear his head.

After about an hour and half, Luna came up to him. “Is there anything you want me to help you with?” “What’s the matter, your laptop died?” “No. I’m just tired of sitting here looking at you. You’ve been working for an hour and half.” “Okay, I’ll have a smoke break and then you can help me. Okay?” “Okay. Look, I feel bad for saying this, but do you have anything to eat?” Luna asked, patting the back of her head. Henry just smiled and handed her the bread. “Only bread?” “Yeah.” “Okay.” Luna said and started eating. “How confident are you with the axe?” Henry asked. “Give it to me, you’ll see.” She snatched the axe from his hand and placed it on her shoulder. Hopefully she won´t hurt herself. “Okay, there are some smaller trees over there that need to get their branches cut off.” “Okay, I’ll do it right away.”

to be continued…

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