Krásné předvánoční úterý vám všem, Vrtáci,

take a nice cozy blanket and join Luna, Henry, Tonka and their friends by a cup of coffee and biscuits.

“So, where do you want to go first?” Henry asked Luna as they walked out. “I don’t know. Actually, is there a good coffee shop around here? I could do with something warm.” I think there should be one not too far from here.” They were walking down the main street for about five minutes and came across a café. It was a small café that was very comfy. Luna had a cappuccino and Henry had a black tea. They were chatting for some time. Luna was subtly trying to see if Henry needed someone to talk to about his nightmares. But Henry always deftly changed the topic. “Will you excuse me? I must go to the bathroom and then I’ll get the bill,” Luna smiled. “Okay, I’ll wait here.” As Luna left, Henry waved at a waitress and paid. Still sitting contentedly, he continued looking out of the glass window at the street. It was still drizzling, but somehow he didn’t mind. He was having a good time right now. When Luna came back to the table, she seemed a little indignant. “I have just spoken with  the waitress. I wanted to pay but I was told that a young gentleman had already paid. Do you know anything about that?” “Yeah, I paid.” “But Henry, I could have paid. I still have some money.” “You probably have. But I still want to hear you play the accordion.” “Then I’ll get a job.” “I was talking to Ted the other day and he said he could have used some help in the shop. We can stop by.” “Okay.” They finished their coffee and went shopping. First to the bakery, then to the grocery, the greengrocer, and the butcher. It was about half past one when Luna’s stomach growled.  „Are you hungry?” Henry asked. “A little, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll have a granola bar,” Luna said and started looking for it in her shopping bag. “Not bloody likely! There’s a great pub not far from here. Come on.”

            They sat down inside the pub and ordered food and drink. Luna had fish and chips and a coke and Henry had shepherd’s pie and a sparkling water. Since it was past lunch time, the pub was almost empty.  After they had finished lunch, they got back into the discussion of who was going to pay. „Well, you paid the last time. So let me pay.“ „No, I invited you here so I’ll pay.“ Henry just smiled and pulled out his wallet. „Then don’t.“ „Then everyone is gonna pay for themselves.“ „I don’t even want to hear about it. I’m paying this time,“ Luna insisted. Still just as stubborn as always.  Henry thought to himself as Luna paid and he helped her get dressed. They headed over to Ted’s pawn shop.

A small bell above the door announced the arrival of Henry and Luna at the pawnshop. Ted raised his head from the newspaper and laughed pleasantly at them. „Hello Miss.“ „Hello.“ „Hi, Ted.“ „Hi Henry, I see you found your friend.“ „Yes, I finally did.“ „May I ask if you have any work for me?“ Luna asked. Ted thought for a moment. „Well, I could use some help in the shop sometimes. But it wouldn’t be on a regular basis.” “Okay, I’ll leave my number here and let me know when you need it. „ Luna took out a piece of paper, wrote her number on it and handed it to Ted. “Okay, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.” “Me too.” Henry, meanwhile, was looking around the store. “Hey Ted, how much is this Walkman?” “One pound.” “Do you have any MC tapes?” “Yeah, there’s a box full of them back there. But I really don’t know what’s on them. I’ve never looked at them.” “Thanks. Luna, this is probably going to be a long one, so take a look around while you wait.” After about forty-five minutes, Henry walked up to the cash register. He picked a Walkman and some tapes. Luna picked an aluminium Moka pot. “Ted, I’m paying,” Henry said. Luna just looked at him and rolled her eyes. Henry just smiled and paid. They said their goodbyes and walked out onto the street. “I still have to buy batteries. Come on.” They reached the gas station and Henry bought the batteries. On the way to Frank’s, Henry lit his pipe. “So you got everything you needed?” Henry asked Luna. “Yeah, I guess.” “Well, Frank invited us over for coffee.” “Fine. It’s kind of fun with Alice.” “I’m glad. They’re nice people.” They reached the side entrance of Frank´s and Alice’s house. Henry rang the doorbell. After a moment, Alice opened the door and greeted them. “Hey, you got everything? Coffee is ready and I’ve prepared some snacks.” “You didn’t have to,” Henry replied immediately. “Hey, don’t make me mad. You haven’t visited us in an awfully long time and Frank and I wanted to meet Luna.” “Okay, I’ll shut up now.” They walked up the stairs and entered the apartment. It was quite simple yet tastefully decorated. “Frank is on the terrace. I still need to finish bits.” “I can help you,” Luna offered immediately. “Okay, that would be nice.” “I’ll join Frank.” Henry walked through the living room and onto the terrace. Frank was sitting there reading the newspaper. “Hi. So you’ve arrived.” “I promised. How’s Tonka?” Henry walked over to the corner of the terrace where Tonka was. She was tucked in her bed, looking around contentedly. “What a view, right?” Henry scratched Tonka behind her ear and smiled. “Yeah, I think she’s doing well. Alice gave her a rest of a chicken after lunch,” Frank said and walked over to Henry. Luna opened the door. “Hey gentlemen, what kind of coffee do you want?” They both replied in unison. “Black.”

            Soon Luna and Alice came in. They brought coffee, sausage rolls and lemon drizzle cake. Everyone was enjoying a pleasant afternoon filled with conversation and fun. It was about half past seven when Henry and Luna said goodbye. They took their purchases and Tonka. Since it was no longer raining, the journey was much more comfortable.  

to be continued…

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