Čauvec Vrtáci,

TUESDAY. a time to read. TUESDAY. a time to learn. TUESDAY. a time to dream. TUESDAY. about a world that could become real.

“I’ll do it,” Henry offered.

“NO! I can light a fire,” Luna objected.

“If you say so.” “So, let me see then,” she said looking offended. He took the flint he wore around his neck and lit a fire in one stroke. He took a small twig and lit a kerosene lamp. He took a large pot from the cupboard.

“Come on, you’ll help me.” “I’m coming.” And they both walked outside.

“So, why are you here anyway?” Henry asked.

„Well, after school, I started working, but I didn’t like it. I had quite a lot of time to think. And I decided to go to England.“ „Is that how you decided?“ „Well, I wanted to see you again.“ „So you just stopped here. It’s quite interesting because I heard something else.“

„All right. I missed you. I’ve missed you all these years.“

„Wow. You´ve really surprised me now.” He lied. He also really missed her very much. But he didn’t want to show it. Rather, he couldn’t. In recent years, his emotions have seemed to be locked up. They went back to the cabin and put the pot on the fire. „So, make yourself at home here. When you get hungry, there is some food in the larder. Take whatever you want. I’ll be outside to give you some privacy. If you want a coffee, tell me, I’ll have one too.” He took a piece of meat, some bread, and went outside. He decided to roast it on the fire.

to be continued… (of course)

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