Zdarec Vrtáci,

„Vim vim, úterý – čas na čtení!“

SPRÁVNĚ! A pokračujeme with a new chapter.

Why does the word „car“ cause Henry such trouble? What did Luna think about his home in the woods?


“Hey, are we there yet?”

She asked him after about an hour and half. It was a really beautiful day. So, Henry took the usual way, not the shortcut, and he also enjoyed the way she held him around his waist, it was nice to have someone so close to him physically and mentally. „Just another 15 miles.“ “Ok.”

When they arrived at his log cabin, Luna immediately jumped off the sidecar motorcycle. “Oh, come on. It wasn’t so bad,” he smiled.  „Damn, couldn’t you have bought a car?“ Two lights appeared in front of his eyes and they lunged at him, a hum in his ears that gradually turned into whistling. The image was slowly fading away until it disappeared completely.

“Hey, can you hear me, hello Henry?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve just got lost in my mind for a second,” he said and wiped away a tear from the corner of his eye. Even Luna didn’t know that, the fact that if anyone mentioned the word “car” in front of him, the memory of a car accident would pop into his head, the worst experience of his life. The first months after it had happened he dealt with it quite badly. But it wasn´t happening to him that often anymore.

„Are you really all right? You’ve completely changed your expression.“

„Yeah, I’m fine.“ „Okay.“ She knew he was lying to her. She knew him very well, but she didn’t want to upset him. „So, you live here?“ “It’s not much, but it’s home.” “It’s brilliant,” she said, looking at the cabin and its surroundings carefully. Meanwhile, Henry parked his motorcycle and carried her belongings and Tonka inside. “Are you going inside?” “Yes.”

to be continued…

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