Zdravíme všechny Vrtáky,

je úterý a to znamená, že tento den se nese v duchu lesa, dřevěné chaty, dvou lidí, kteří v ní bydlí a lišky.

Yes, Luna, Henry and Tonka are back!

Where did Henry take Luna? Why did she feel frightened?

Henry finished the chapter of the book he was reading and decided to go to work. He put some bread, tobacco, and his pipe in the scrip. He walked outside the cabin and saw Luna lying on the bench.

“Hey, you wanna go on a hike with me?” “Well it depends on where it would be.” “Don’t worry, it’s about a mile and a half. It’s a clearing so there will be a better signal.” He mentioned the signal just for fun, but Luna immediately jumped up and rushed to the cabin to get ready. “I’ll be right back.” Oh, yeah. Henry thought to himself and smiled. In the meantime, he went to the shelter to get a splitting maul and an axe and went to get some water. After about fifteen minutes Luna came out dressed. She was wearing probably her best tracksuit, a hat and a laptop backpack on her back. In contrast, Henry was wearing old cloth pants, dark brown leather work boots and a plain tattered T-shirt. “Hey, what are the tools for?” “Well, I’m going to work.” “Don’t think I’m gonna work with you like a mule out there.” Luna always had a bad relationship with a manual work.  She hasn’t changed. “Don’t worry, I didn’t even hope for that.“ They set off.

At the beginning of the journey, Luna was full of energy. But after about an hour of trekking walking, she started slowing down. “Oh, come on, you’re not running out of energy, are you?” Henry said while lightning his pipe. “Ha ha, do you have any water?” “Didn’t it fit in your backpack?” He paused, put down his tools, and pulled a bottle of water out of his scrip. “Thanks.” “Don’t worry there’s a spring not far from the clearing. You’ll be able to drink to your heart’s content there.” As they reached the top of the hill, Luna began looking around. It was a beautiful sight. She was looking down at the forests. While the forests were swirling with different shades of red, orange, yellow and green, there was a beautiful blue sky above them dotted with fluffy clouds with the sun shining through them. Suddenly, a sound came from the forest, it sounded quite aggressive. „What was that?“ Luna startled and turned to Henry. „That was a deer bleating.“ Henry said and whistled loudly. „And what was that?“ „Well, a bleat. The animals already know we’re here. They can smell us, but they don’t know exactly where we are yet. So, I whistled to give them time to escape. If we get too close, they could get aggressive.“ „Yeah, yeah. Which way?“ „Down there, there is a path between those shrubs.“ Henry said, pointing to the shrubs. „Are you kidding me? Then why did we have to climb the hill?“ „Yeah, we could have gone that way, but it would have been three times longer.“ Luna didn’t answer him and started walking.

to be continued…

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