Zdravíme při čtvrtku všechny Vrtáky,

tentokrát v našem příběhu zamíříme do města. „Wha..-t?“, možná si říkáte. Ano, to the city. 🙂

What was our trio doing there? Remember Frank? And who is Alice? And why did she wink at Henry? 🙂

Henry pulled the bike out and went back to the cabin to get Tonka. When he saw Luna, he just had to laugh. She was wearing a penguin themed poncho raincoat and garish, yellow, rubber boots. “Hey, don’t laugh. I really like it, by the way.” “Yeah, if I was 12, I’d like it a lot too.” “Not everyone can afford elegant coats and jackets,” Luna told Henry. “Neither of them is new. I bought most of my clothes at various bazaars.” “Huh. I’ll take your word for it.” “Good. Then take a look.” Henry took off his coat and showed Luna the patch. Luna looked at the tag and read it for herself. 1943 “Oh, okay.” “I’m glad you believe me. Shall we get going?“ Henry asked, wrapping Tonka in a blanket and taking her in his arms.  “Okay, I’m coming,” Luna grabbed her bag with laundry and walked out.

It was drizzly outside. To tell you the truth, it was horrible weather. Luna put on her helmet and sat down in the sidecar. Henry started the bike and they were on their way. The ride was not comfortable at all. The road was very muddy. Henry had to fight very hard not to get stuck. They had been riding for about ten minutes when they came to a tree that had fallen across the road. Henry stopped and looked around for a way to go. “S***, this can’t be happening. Hang on, I’ll have to go through the woods.” He slowly pulled off the road and weaved through stumps. He got back on the road and they continued their ride. When they got on the road again, Henry immediately sped up. Luna didn’t like that very much. Streams of water ran down the sides of the road. Henry was going really fast so Luna tapped on his back. Henry slowed down and turned to look at her. “What’s wrong?” “Slow down, you’re driving like mad.” “Okay, okay. I’ll slow down.”

They arrived at the town and Henry parked in the carport next to Frank’s, the vet. Henry took Tonka in his arms and helped Luna out of the sidecar. They went inside and were greeted at the door by Alice. “Hi Henry, are you and Tonka going for a check-up?” “Yes, Alice this is Luna,” Henry said pointing to Luna standing behind him. “Nice to meet you,” Alice immediately walked over to Luna and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you too.” “Alice, do you think Luna could do her laundry at your place?” Henry asked. “Oh, sure. I wouldn’t want to hand wash my laundry somewhere in the middle of the woods either.” “I’m going to see Frankie,” Henry walked to the door of the office and knocked. “Come in,” a voice came from inside. Henry walked into the office. Frank was sitting at his desk filling out some paperwork. He turned to Henry and took off his glasses. “Wotcher. So how are you?” Henry asked Tonka. “Yeah it’s fine, she wants to walk now. Still lying around isn’t for her.” “Okay, put her on the table and I’ll take a look.” Frank looked Tonka over and sat down at the table. “So, how is she?” Henry asked Frank. “Yeah, it’s healing nicely. Just a few more days and she’ll be able to run again.” “I’m glad.” “Would you like some coffee?” Henry looked at his watch and thought for some time. “You’re off at 3?” “Yes, are you going to be in the town for that long?” “Well, a friend found me and she’s staying with me now. So I need to get some food and maybe we’ll go out for lunch. Oh, and I also asked Alice if Luna could do and dry her laundry here.” Henry said, scratching the back of his head. “That’s all right. A quarter to four at ours then?” “Okay. Yeah, and do you think I could leave Tonka here? I don’t think the shop assistants in the stores would like that very much.”  “Talk to Alice. She is the boss,” Frank said and laughed. “Thanks a lot,” Henry said goodbye to Frank and walked back to the waiting room. Luna and Alice weren’t there. He walked up to the counter and rang a call bell. “Oh yeah. We’re coming,” Alice shouted. Luna came downstairs, put on her coat and said goodbye to Alice. Henry opened the door for her and Luna walked out. “Alice, do you think Tonka could wait here for us? We’re going shopping. The shopkeepers wouldn’t like that very much.” “ Of course.” Henry waved goodbye to Alice, but she just laughed and winked at him. Jesus Christ.

to be continued…

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