Hey hey readers,

chapter XII. came to an end and it´s time to move smoothly to chapter XIII.

What can you expect in this chapter? A bit of Henry and Luna´s history, some drama and some… well..

that´s enough for a spoiler. 🙂

The next morning, Henry woke up early. He had breakfast and coffee. He left a short note for Luna on the table: “Good morning, Luna. I’m going to work. I should be back around lunchtime. Make yourself at home. Oh, and feed Tonka. Henry” He could still remember Luna writing him messages when they were still in their homeland. Sometimes Luna would stick a note in a book he borrowed from her, or put it in his mailbox, sometimes she’d include a picture of them together. Henry kept them all in paper box and read them when he was feeling blue. Mostly they were just short messages. Like, “Don’t look for happiness – create it.” or “Don’t give up.” That sort of thing. Still, it made him feel better.

That day Henry had to meet with his workmate. They had at least one meeting every week and discussed what they were going to do the following week. He packed some munchies for himself and went out. He pulled his motorcycle out from the shed. The sky was overcast but it wasn’t raining yet.

He reached a meadow and saw Tommy. Tommy was a forest ranger. He was tall and thin. His black curly hair peeked out from under his hat, and he had dark circles under his icy blue eyes. Tommy sat on the hood of his dark green Land Rover Defender. When Henry parked next to him, Tom jumped off it and greeted him. “Hey Henry.” “Wotcher, howdy?” “Don’t even ask, we have a lot of work to do. With all the rain yesterday, a lot of trees fell down.” “Yeah, one’s lying across the road close to where I live and I came across a lot of them on my way here,” Henry said as he lit his pipe. Tommy sighed angrily. “You know I didn’t sleep much last night. I had to clear the main road.” “Oh, are there a lot of fallen trees still left?” Henry asked. “I got home about 3 a.m. so not many… I heard someone was staying at your place,“ Tommy leaned against his car, looked at Henry and smiled. “Well, um…my friend Luna. I know her back from homeland.” “Oh, and what’s she doing here?” “Well…I’m not really sure. She just said she missed me and…” Wow, I hadn’t thought of that at all. I guess we’ll have to talk. “Well, I see I put a bug in your ear. Come on. A tree fell on a power line near that old sand quarry, we should get there soon. Electricity distribution workers came to fix it.” „How long do you see this going on for?” “Hm… Depending on how bad the power lines are, and then we still have to knock down those broken trees at least around the road. But I think you might be home for dinner.” Damn, Luna is going to kill me!  Henry thought. “Okay, go ahead first,” Henry powered up and rode down the road behind Tommy. It took about 40 minutes to get to the quarry because the road was in a terrible condition.

to be continued…

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